The 3DCoin blockchain Test net is a success, and on this track, we are excited to launch the ICO which is going to give a great boost to the projects progress, by recruiting more developers, moving to a bigger office, acquiring all the needed hardware, launching a big advertising campaign, paying legal fees and program licenses.


With the starting date at the 1st of November, the ICO duration will be of one month, but it can end sooner if it the hard-cap is reached before December.


The coinbase will depend on the ICO and it has a maximum of 200 million 3DC, the ICO  minimum is 30 million 3DC, and it is the first step that will fund the 3DCoin blockchain development, the soft-cap is 100 million 3DC, at this point the project will be fully funded, and the hard-cap is 150 million. if the minimum is not reached all contributions will be fully refunded.

Coin value and Distribution:

The coin value follows this pattern:

ICO beginsMin cap is reachedSoft cap is reached

ICO: 75% (150 million 3DC max) exchangeable at the end of the ICO.

Bounty: 1% (2 million 3DC max) Locked until the 1st January 2018.

Advisers: 4% (8 million 3DC max) Locked for one year.

Early investors: 10% (20 million 3DC max) Locked for one year.

Development: 10% (20 million 3DC max) Locked for five years.

If the reserved 3DCoins for the ICO are not entirely purchased,the remaining coins will be burned, and the other portions will be readjusted accordingly to keep perfect proportions, for example:

AdvisersEarly investors
75 million 1 million 4 million10 million10 million100 million
150 million2 million8 million20 million20 million 200 million

Contributions can be made with the following currencies:

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Litecoin.