Betting exchanges have no direct interest on whether their punters win or lose, take advantage of the free form products they provide. For example, Betfair often allows its customers to download a free Timeform card, and they are readily acknowledged as the best form for students and handicappers in the country. Also, keep on top of new betting products. The ‘Keep Bet’ option introduced in December 2007 on Betfair, which allows you put up an in-play bet as soon as the market is loaded, is proving a valuable tool for in-running bettors, as is Betfair SP.


Exchange beginners should take it slow. Once punters are confident on exchanges, many find it a premier betting experience. Many never get to grips with it. Initially it can be confusing to some, so newcomers to the site should take advantage of the minimum £2 bet to acquaint themselves with the workings of the site. To that end, the bigger exchanges will provide online (and live) demonstrations that punters can download or attend.


Take advantage before progressing with your betting. Look to oppose the general consensus. Bad punters lose money; that’s a fact. If you can understand what makes a punter bad then you are on your way to success – you just have to do the opposite.