Frequently Asked Questions

–03 Jan 2017–
To get more support by giving everyone the opportunity to participate in this project, and after analyzing the community’s opinion, we come to the conclusion that we should extend the advertising campaign and delay the ICO until the district platform BETA has been released.
–We are sorry for any inconvenience caused by this delay–

Donation : 1MxMwenXBvQZRFQcxKf3f8472KJgNuqyUG

We appreciate your support

Bounty :

How can I get bounty coins?

Detailed information about our bounty categories is listed below. As of now, our bounty campaign is open to everyone who would like to participate, and will end on April 25, 2017 23.00 UTC

Check Bounty blog post

How do I link my Twitter or Facebook account to my Districts account ?

This will be possible soon via your dashboard

Crowdfunding :

What is the bonus scheme?

The following schedule will be used:

  1. First day + 30% bonus
  2. week 1 + 25% bonus
  3. week 2 + 15% bonus
  4. Week 3 + 5% bonus
  5. Last day + no bonus

What is the total number of Districts coins?

50 million coins will be created in total in years, of which 4.5 million will be distributed to ICO participants.

How many Districts coin will I get?

The exact number of coins for each participant will be calculated 3 days after the ICO ends. 4.5 million coins will be divided among ICO participants depending on the total amount of assets raised.

What is the minimum/maximum amount I can deposit?

There are no limits.

Which cryptocurrencies do you accept?

We accept Bitcoin, for all other cryptocurrencies please use

Can I send funds from an exchange?

Absolutely – there is no need to be the private key holder of the addresses from which you are sending your cryptocurrencies.