Back your player for the first event and then play up your winnings at the best price available as you go through the season. I guarantee you will beat the pre-season accumulative odds. A positive tip does not mean the horse won’t win, of course, but it does mean that there will frequently be better odds available for other runners with equally useful form.


Never, ever, ever back Tiger Woods or Roger Federer, or anyone else, to win a Grand Slam at pre-season odds. Bookies slash these from the full accumulative odds for fear of building up large liabilities which they can’t do anything about. Not that your man will do the Grand Slam anyway, of course! Always try to be aware of topical sports news as soon as possible it might prevent you from backing a loser and help you find a winner.


If betting each-way, make sure the jockey on your fancy is not one of those known for dropping his hands when he can’t win. Open as many on-line accounts as possible to take advantage of best odds available often pointed up by comparison sites like odds checker. Never change your mind. Thou shalt rest at least once.