What is Districts?

Project Districts is the world's first fully capable decentralized virtual ecosystem, designed to project real-world and ethereal experiences to users all over the globe.

Use case

What makes Project Districts truly unique is its versatility and immense capabilities. From the retailing industry where it is poised to deliver efficient and highly scalable retailing solutions, to the educational sector.

Real estate developer

Present your assets to your clients and make them visit exact 3D reproductions of your buildings in VR, whether they are planned or already raised.


Enlighten the minds of your audience in interactive classrooms or open fields, recreate limitless experiments, teach ballistics with catapults; tectonics with modeled and animated structures. Students will be excited to attend your courses.


The Districts Visual Studio (DVS) provides users with the necessary tools to unleash their creative potentials in game development. Think you can create the next clash of World of Warcraft, simply dive into the DVS, and get going. You’re also welcome to explore our growing library of user-developed games at launch.


Create soothing environments that are visually and acoustically customized to match your patient’s state of mind. Partner with the community and other professionals to develop more efficient healing therapies.

Public Speaking

Are you a stand-up comedian, motivational speaker, or an artist – the Districts ecosystem will be a place to demonstrate your people skills and showcase your talent. Host live comedy shows, inspire people and participate actively in building the Districts ecosystem.

A Place of Recluse for Shy People

Transiently float through the 3D world, exploring your interests without any fears; and when you get comfortable enough feel free to interact with other users in the 3D world either individually or in a group. As the cherry topping of your Districts experience, use your newly acquired social skills to overcome your fears in the real world.

Investment Opportunities

The Districts 3D world is an investor delight. Simply recruit content creators in the 3D world, enter a mutual agreement backed up by 3D coin smart contracts and have them develop your dream virtual solution.

Bored? We’ve got you covered

Tired of browsing through the same sites repeatedly? Fed up with seeing the same mundane and recycled content on social media? Then come into the Districts ecosystem. Discover new content and experiences, and socialize with people in an engaging and invigorating manner.


Research and conceptualization

Blockchain Technology LLC IS FOUNDED

White paper 1.0

Bitcointalk announcement

First bounty campaign

Angel investors

Team building

Districts concept enrichment

Blockchain prototype development

Second bounty campaign

Public test net


Q1 2018
Main net launch

Q1 2018
Expansion of the Blockchain Technology LLC company

Q2 2018
Core update

Q3 2018
Web Wallet update

Q4 2018
Core Mining update (v 0.14 Phase 1)

Q1 2019
Protocol update (v 0.14 Phase 2)

Q3 2019
Block structure (v 0.14 Phase 2)

Q3 2019
Layers (v 0.14 Phase 2)

Q3 2019
Transaction validation mechanism (v 0.14 Phase 2)

Q3 2019
Scripts (v 0.14 Phase 2)

Q3 2019
Optimization Masternodes (v 0.14 Phase 2)

Q3 2019
Proof of Sync (v 0.14 Phase 2)

Q4 2019
Mobile wallet release (v 0.15 Phase 1)

Q4 2019
Primenode (v 0.15 Phase 1)

Q4 2019
External public API (v 0.15 Phase 1)

Smart script engine implementation

Conditional transaction

Dapps NFT

Masternodes NFT

Update Coming Soon

Frequently Asked Questions

District’s 3D world is a miniverse of its own. What this means is that real life entities like other humans (users), business buildings, hospitals, schools, cinemas, etc. Will exist as standalone entities with full interactive capabilities.
Project Districts is an unlimited Virtual Representation of the real world.

This aesthetic choice was made as the fluidity of events and the broad range of possibilities that can be found in Districts was best symbolized by a vast and restless water surface.

Use the Districts visual script to shape and program your applications elements, test it in the offline mode, then broadcast it, it will appear in your land parcel.

Parcels can be acquired either from other users, or from the system, in which case, the payment will go to the 3DCoin block reward.
The DVS will assist you by choosing the nearest suitable land parcel for your Dapp, or you may roam the Districts world and choose by yourself.

Synchronized pulse nodes will host all events in every district.

A development tool that enables anyone to create an application without coding expertise, it combines an intuitive interface with the rich 3D library of the unreal4 engine.

It is a crypto-currency ran with a blockchain created specially to enable the Districts decentralization, either for the city and Dapps hosting, or asset ownership.

the main reasons is that Ethereum blockchain is expensive, Limited and cannot handle interactions in VR World.
So the 3DCoin blockchain was born to ensures the decentralization of the Districts platform, live action hosting, decentralized application script hosting, Dapp, land ownership and the vote system.
A custom script system had to be created to improve and simplify contracts and Dapp creation, both have dedicated creation visual tools.
Also, a safe script module that keeps unspendable transactions, defective contracts and Dapps out of the network, thus protecting users and saving resources.
3DCoin as new crypto currency has many features that we judge very useful for people, instant and programmable transactions, coin blending for transaction anonymization, and external key support.

3DCoin has the fastest blockchain network ever created besides new features such as DAPPS hosting, Instant transactions, Districts Assets management.

It is a succession of words defining functions and constants that is read and executed from left to right, using a stack as data structure, standard operations scripts are automatically generated by the wallet application when selected by the user.

Modifications were brought to the Bitcoin script system, functions can take arguments allowing a better use of the stack depth, expanding and simplifying the scripting process. A safe script verification module is also implemented to prevents peers from rebroadcasting defective Dapps or transactions. user funds are also protected by the exclusion of unspendable transactions from the network.

We are the First to lock our shares for 5 years;
Team (10%) locked for 5 years.
Early investors (10%) locked for 1 year.
Advisors (4%) locked for 1 year.
To show our commitment for the project and its future.